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Wanted to let everyone know that I’m no longer in any way associated with Pride & Joy BBQ. For those of you that have gone and had some sorry BBQ, I’m sorry for the confusion. I haven’t been involved in a little while. And for those of you that still hope to go, I’ll be serving great BBQ again soon. Stay tuned for new restaurant details.


BBQ Pitmasters - Destination America

Tune in every Thursday @ 9pm Eastern on Destination America for BBQ Pitmasters.

They're part chef, part athlete, and part five-star general. They talk a big game and walk it like they talk it every step of the way, no-nonsense men and women with grease on their hands, sweat on their brows and meat on their minds from sun-up to sundown. They are the BBQ PITMASTERS, the leading cooks of America's burgeoning barbecue circuit, where reputations and respect ride on the virtues of one perfectly glazed rib, and where hundreds of thousands of dollars are won or lost after a single, mouth-watering bite of brisket.

BBQ Pitmasters

  • Brand new sauces!
  • Tangy Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet Heat Mustard BBQ Sauce
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  • Are you a first time Grand Champion?
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  • MSG & Gluten Free Rubs!
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  • Held at Myron Mixon's house
  • Competition style environment
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  • BBQ Pitmasters
  • Leading cooks of the barbecue circuit
  • On Destination America
  • Every Thursday @ 9pm Eastern